Celebritity Heights A-Z Listing

List of celebrity names beginning with V
Valerio de los Santos 6ft2in (1.88m)Valerio Isidori 6ft (1.83m)Valerio Mastandrea 5ft11in (1.8m)
Valerio Staffelli 6ft2in (1.88m)Valeriu Jereghi 4ft3in (1.3m)Valeriy Zolotukhin 5ft9in (1.75m)
Valeriya 5ft7¼in (1.71m)Valeriya Lanskaya 5ft6.25in (1.68m)Valery Giscard D'estaing 6ft2.5in (1.89m)
Valery M. Ortiz 5ft3in (1.6m)Valery Ortiz 5ft3in (1.60m)Valeska Rautenberg 5ft6.25in (1.68m)
Valeska Suratt 5ft8in (1.73m)Valia Kakouti 5ft11in (1.80m)Valiant Michael 5ft9in (1.75m)
Valisa Tate 5ft5in (1.65m)Valmike Rampersad 5ft7in (1.7m)Valorie Curry 5ft4.5in (1.64m)
Valory Irene 5ft4in (1.63m)Valtteri Bottas 5ft8in (1.73m)Valtteri Filppula 6ft (1.83m)
Valyn Hall 5ft1in (1.55m)Vampira 5ft6.5in (1.69m)Vampiro 6ft3in (1.91m)
Van Brockmann 5ft10in (1.78m)Van Cliburn 6ft4in (1.93m)Van Conner 6ft2in (1.88m)
Van Damage 6ft1in (1.85m)Van Epperson 5ft8in (1.73m)Van Green 6ft1in (1.85m)
Van Hansis 5ft11.5in (1.81m)Van Heflin 6ft (1.83m)Van Johnson 6ft1in (1.85m)
Van Kelly 5ft11in (1.80m)Van Morrison 5ft5in (1.65m)Van Snowden 5ft10in (1.78m)
Van White 6ft2in (1.88m)Van Williams 6ft (1.83m)Vana O'brien 5ft7in (1.7m)
Vance Branton 6ft2in (1.88m)Vance Degeneres 5ft11in (1.8m)Vance Johnson 5ft11in (1.8m)
Vance Law 6ft2in (1.88m)Vance McDonald 6ft4in (1.93m)Vance Worley 6ft2in (1.88m)
Vanda Chaloupkova 5ft7in (1.70m)Vanda Ciuban Serban 5ft5in (1.65m)Vanda Godsell 5ft4in (1.63m)
Vandermast 5ft8in (1.73m)Vanelle 5ft4in (1.63m)Vanesa Tomasino 5ft4in (1.63m)
Vanessa Almeida 5ft7in (1.7m)Vanessa Amaya 5ft5in (1.65m)Vanessa Angel 5ft8in (1.73m)
Vanessa Anne Hudgens 5ft1in (1.55m)Vanessa Aspillaga 5ft5in (1.65m)Vanessa Atler 4ft10in (1.47m)
Vanessa Axente 5ft11¾in (1.82m)Vanessa Baden 5ft1.5in (1.56m)Vanessa Bayer 5ft6in (1.68m)

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