Celebritity Heights A-Z Listing

List of celebrity names beginning with B
Bader Al-Nakhli 5ft10in (1.78m)Bader Yaqoot 5ft9½in (1.77m)Bader Yaqoot 5ft9½in (1.77m)
Badile Lubamba 5ft9in (1.75m)Badile Lubamba 5ft9in (1.75m)Badis Lebbihi 6ft2in (1.88m)
Badis Lebbihi 6ft2in (1.88m)Badou Ezzaki 5ft10in (1.78m)Badou Ezzaki 5ft10in (1.78m)
Badou Jack 5ft9in (1.75m)Badou Jack 5ft9in (1.75m)Badr El Kaddouri 5ft9½in (1.77m)
Badr El Kaddouri 5ft9½in (1.77m)Badr Hari 6ft6in (1.98m)Badr Hari 6ft6in (1.98m)
Badra Ali Sangare 5ft11½in (1.82m)Badra Ali Sangare 5ft11½in (1.82m)Badri Akhvlediani 5ft8½in (1.74m)
Badri Akhvlediani 5ft8½in (1.74m)Badri Akubardiya 5ft11½in (1.82m)Badri Akubardiya 5ft11½in (1.82m)
Badri Alkhazashvili 6ft1in (1.85m)Badri Alkhazashvili 6ft1in (1.85m)Badri Spanderashvili 5ft7½in (1.71m)
Badri Spanderashvili 5ft7½in (1.71m)Bady (footballer) 5ft7in (1.70m)Bady (footballer) 5ft7in (1.70m)
Bae Hae-Min 6ft (1.83m)Bae Hae-Min 6ft (1.83m)Bae Hyo-Sung 6ft (1.83m)
Bae Hyo-Sung 6ft (1.83m)Bae Ki-Jong 5ft11in (1.80m)Bae Sang-moon 5ft11in (1.80m)
Bae Seul Gi 5ft7in (1.70m)Bae Seul-ki (footballer) 6ft (1.83m)Bae Seung-Jin 6ft (1.83m)
Bae Youn-joo 5ft5in (1.65m)Baek Dong-kyu 6ft1in (1.85m)Baek Eun-Bi 5ft2in (1.57m)
Baek Ji-Hoon 5ft9in (1.75m)Baek Jong-Hwan 5ft10in (1.78m)Baek Joo-hyun 5ft10in (1.78m)
Baek Mok-hwa 5ft9 (1.77m)Baek Seung-Min 5ft8in (1.73m)Baek Young-Cheol 5ft10in (1.78m)
Baekhyun 5ft8in (1.73m)Baelyn Neff 5ft7¾in (1.72m)Bafetimbi Gomis 6ft (1.83m)
Baffour Gyan 5ft11in (1.80m)Bagaliy Dabo 5ft11in (1.80m)Bagaudin Tagirov 5ft9in (1.75m)
Baggio Rakotonomenjanahary 5ft6in (1.68m)Bagheera 5ft6¼in (1.68m)Bah Mamadou 6ft1in (1.85m)
Bahadir Incilli 6ft1½in (1.87m)Bahadur Prasad 5ft9½in (1.77m)Bahar Akca 5ft8in (1.73m)
Bahar Kizil 5ft2.25in (1.58m)Bahar Mert 5ft11in (1.80m)Bahar Oztan 5ft3in (1.60m)

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