Why Advertising With Us ?

Why Advertise on HeightCelebs.com ?

HeightCelebs.com is biggest website about celebrity facts. HeightCelebs.com keeps our users updated frequently about the celebrity stats such as: height, biography, birthday, body measurements, family, education, astrology sign, quotes, dating history, filmography,… So if you want to bring your business sales and brand awareness up to higher level, then HeightCelebs.com is absolutely right for you. Advertising with us will help  you reach to the audience better (especially U.S.  audience).

Heightcelebs.com Traffic Stats (monthly stats)

Unique Visitors – 150,000+
Impressions – 3,000,000+
Unique Pageviews – 500,000+
HeightCelebs.com receives 90% organic traffic.
The majority of the traffic of HeightCelebs.com comes from U.S. (Source – Google Analytics).

We have very good offer for your ads that you could buy the whole ads space of our website exclusively (just run your ads in all pages of website) with very cheap price (1,500 $ monthly ). It’s a real bargain.

Please Contact Us if you need any other information.


We accept payment via Paypal, and EFT. All prices will be in US Dollars. All campaigns for banners, image ads are monthly subscriptions. If you require any other information, you can contact us. To make a payment, you can contact us via contact form or email us (support at heightcelebs.com).

Please Note

You will get 100% impressions of your ad on our website (dedicated mode). This means that your ad will appear all the time on this website.

We do not encourage audio ads.

Advertisement Banners

Banner Sizes Platform Display Price Available
Head Banner 728×90 Desktop Sitewide(*) Contact Us Yes
Sidebar Banner 336×280
Custom (*)
Desktop Sitewide Contact Us Yes
Page Footer Banner 600×250
Desktop Content Page (*) Contact Us Yes
Page Footer Banner 320×50
Mobile Content Page Contact Us Yes
Footer Banner 728×90
Desktop Sitewide Contact Us Yes

Notes (*):
1.Dedicated : it means ad banner is served for one advertisement provider only, no rotation between ad providers. If you buy an ad banner, only your ads are displayed all the time.
2.Sitewide: ad banners are displayed in all pages of website.
3.Content Page: ad banners are displayed in content page only such as : post page…
4.Custom: you could suggest a custom size of banner but  it doesn’t exceed the allowed width and height range of banner.

See the banner preview below to know what banners are suitable for your business
Advertisement on Heightcelebs.com

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