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Chris Kof’s height is 5ft 3in (1.60 m)

Chris is a character from SNK playmore`s “King Of Fighters” series of fighting games who is a member of the new face team in “King Of Fighter” 97.he is one of the four Heavenly Kings Of Orochi,and is the dark Orochi counterpart to Kyo in regards of his abilities to wield dark flames.he is also the chosen host for Orochi`s awakened spirit,a concept that began early in the game`s production.he was designed as a character who can “Kill with an innocent smile”.

His true origin is shrouded in one point,he formed a rock band named CYS ( consisting of the first letter in the name of each band member )with Yashiro Nanakase and Shermie,with him playing the drums.he,along with Yashiro and Shermie,entered the “King Of Fighters” 1997 to form the new face team by individually defeating and steal the invitations of the qualified sports team,having chosen to enter after the preliminaries were over.Chris fought Heavy D!defeated him,and took his invitation to the tournament.their initial goal for entering the tournament was due to Yashiro`s grudge and desire to get revenge on Iori Yagami,the leader of a rival band that had surpassed them in popularity.Chris,Shermie and Yashiro themselves were originally unaware of their own Orochi heritage.

As the tournament progressed,the Orochi blood within Chris and his friends awakened and they regained their memories of being three of the “Four Heavenly Kings”.as loyal members of Orochi,they continued to gather power to resurrect Orochi.they kidnapped Yuki as a sacrifice for Orochi to regains hisfull potential and triggered the Riot Of The Blood with in Iori and Leona with their presence.Orochi returns to the world using Chris`s body as the host but is resealed again by the three sacred treasures:Kyo,Iori,and the new face team`s ending,all three members sacrifice themselves in hopes of resurrecting Orochi.

Chris is quite innocent,shy,cheerful,and has a heart of gold,though somewhat anti-social,he also seems to be quite soulful.

First Name: Chris
Last Name: Kof
Born: 3 May, 1996
Birthplace: Sweden
Height: 5ft 3in (1.60 m)
Build: Slim
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown – Dark
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: Swedish
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