Trai Byers Best Quotes

Trai Byers is an American actor known for playing Andre Lyon in the Fox music-industry prime time soap opera, Empire. Enjoy Trai Byers’s best quotes below.

“Betrayal does so many different things to people.”
“There are many different forms of bipolar and the way that it expresses itself.”
“Bipolar disorder is so swept under the rug as a nation and, I think especially, by black people. It’s not our culture to go get therapy. ‘Give them medicine for what?’ We put people in court, put them in court again, versus really paying attention to what it is they are going through.”
“God is building an army all over the place, in Hollywood as well. So it feels good to be a part of it.”
“I do have musical background; I sing.”
“I have family members that are bipolar.”
“I’m really passionate about God and religion, and I thought maybe I’m supposed to be a pastor.”
“I’ve read the Bible before, a couple of times cover to cover.”
“In 2013, I didn’t work at all, just contemplating what I needed to do, whether I was walking in my destiny or not.”
“Someone’s going to be able to take good care of my sister. She knows how to be taken care of.”
“We need to pay attention to each other. We are our brother’s keepers. We are our sister’s keepers.”
“When I think of Kansas, I think of family.”
“I’m an artist with a message, and my message is more for society, casting the mirror onto them and saying, ‘Hey, this is what we look like, what are we going to do about it, how are we going to use what we’ve been through to aid where we’re going.’”
“I’m an old soul. I like the Nat King Cole; Sam Cooke is my favorite singer of all time. But I’m into neo-soul; I’m into R&B. Some of the modern stuff appeals to me, but most of it comes from an older time.”
“I’m supposed to share the Lord with people. All of us are disciples on some level. You don’t have to be behind the podium to tell a story, connect with people and share the Gospel.”
“One thing I learned particularly at Yale was how to work with others. Having studied so long trying to master myself, the biggest challenge was learning about the other person’s work.”
“Ultimately, knowing God and reading the Word, it helps with patience with people, understanding, empathy and sympathy that they might not have that I have. If God gave it to me, why not exercise it?”

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