Stella Maeve Best Quotes

Stella Maeve is film actress, born: Stella Maeve Johnston , November 14, 1989, Nyack, New York, USA. Stella Maeve is best known for “The Runaways” Enjoy Stella Maeve’s best quotes below.

“Things aren’t always easy, but you just have to keep going and don’t let the small stuff bog you down.”
“My biggest thing to say is just don’t worry about money.”
“It’s a nice challenge to escape your reality. I think that’s why actors do what we do. We like to play other people. It’s therapeutic.”
“I am constantly playing younger. I have a baby face. I’m only five-foot-one, so I am used to playing younger. I love it.”
“When I left New York, not a lot of shows were happening there, but ‘Golden Boy’ is such a New York show.”
“I like working one-on-one with someone, and I think that to go to a school of acting isn’t really my thing.”

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