Ryan Eggold Best Quotes

Ryan James Eggold is an American actor. He is known for his roles as Ryan Matthews on the CW teen drama series 90210 and as Tom Keen on the NBC crime drama series The Blacklist. Enjoy Ryan Eggold’s best quotes below.

“People really give you a hard time when you wear fake glasses out to a bar.”
“Never stop taking risks. Just keep reaching.”
“I love all my fam. I have quite possibly the best dad, mom, and sister in the world.”
“You have to figure out ‘who am I?’ ‘What do I want to do?’ ‘What do I want to say?’”
“I’m just a guy who wears TOMS. It’s the sad truth.”
“So many limits in Catholic high school! I’m not a bad Catholic, but everything was off-limits.”
“I think all of us could play the teacher because we all grew up with teachers. It’s just kind of this peeking-over-the-shoulder presence that we’ve all grown up knowing.”
“I think I’ll always prefer theater to working in front of the camera. It seems a more distilled form of the craft.”
“If I couldn’t act, I’d really love to try music.”
“I have numerous clear glasses at home. I probably have thirty pairs. I think it started for acting. I have tons of clothes that just sit there. But if that one role comes up, I’m going to want that shirt. And I have glasses for that, too.”
“I play the guitar and the piano and have a group of guys who I play with. They’re uber talented.”
“I wore glasses my whole life, but then I got Lasik eyeball surgery, and I fixed that.”
“I never got why actors don’t like it when a fan comes up to them on the street. It is cool that someone recognizes what you do and makes you feel like you live in a community.”

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