Max Charles Best Quotes

Max Charles is child actor, born: August 18, 2003, USA. Max Charles is best known for “The Amazing Spider-Man” Enjoy Max Charles’s best quotes below.

“I have an awesome team. We all talk about what projects are the best for me to work on for my career and which ones to pass on.”
“I like being outside and seeing a lot of new things.”
“I like to do a lot of different things in acting.”
“I love math.”
“My favorite super hero has always been Spiderman.”
“When I finish my school work for the day, I like to go play basketball, ride my bike or skateboard, play video games, or go free running.”
“I like the superhero comic books, and I like to see what the actors do creatively with the characters and how they bring these superheroes to life in the movies.”
“I would like to be in tons of different types of movies and do different things. I like action movies, and with ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’, I got to see a historical movie, too.”

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