Mark Walter Best Quotes

Mark Walter is producer, born: November 8, 1970. Mark Walter is best known for “Dirty Politics” Enjoy Mark Walter’s best quotes below.

“If I give dollars to some charity, nobody cares. I mean, it helps the charity, but nobody cares. But if the Dodgers do the same thing, they bring more focus to issues, and that makes it better.”
“I hope my daughter, and one day my granddaughters, will be at Dodgers Opening Day.”
“I’m a baseball fan, but I’m not qualified to make baseball decisions, and I don’t want to pretend to be.”
“I’m a fairly quiet and private person. So I haven’t sought publicity.”
“One of the things I’ve learned is that baseball is something that happens over time.”
“People shouldn’t be interested in me. They should be interested in me if I’m not doing what I promise.”
“For us, my wife and I and all of my partners believe that corporations have to be corporate citizens, and individuals who benefit from them, or who have built them, need to give back.”
“To be frank, my belief is if you just keep your head down and work, and you have the fortune to be successful, there really aren’t moments that change you.”

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