Lisa Jackson Best Quotes

Lisa Jackson is born: 1987, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Lisa Jackson is best known for “The Models Go Green” Enjoy Lisa Jackson’s best quotes below.

“I have always loved reading a little creep-factor and a lot of suspense.”
“Characters written in 1990 would be acting like idiots if they were cast into the present. For example, the reader might wonder: Why isn’t she texting? Where’s her cellphone? Can’t she have a simple paternity test? For God’s sake, look on the Internet and check him out!”
“I hate that bookstores are closing. Hate it! What’s better than hanging out a bookstore, be it independent or chain, and talking books with people who love books?”
“When I made the leap from category romance to larger single-title books, I was encouraged to make the book ‘big,’ and suspense was allowed. Over the years, I’ve been able to write the kind of books I love, with a balance of suspense and romance. How lucky am I?”

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