Len Cariou Best Quotes

Leonard Joseph “Len” Cariou is a Canadian actor, best known for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd in the original cast of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Enjoy Len Cariou’s best quotes below.

“I didn’t have to do paper routes. I’d sing for 5 bucks a crack at weddings and church functions; I’d have four or five on some Saturdays.”
“For my first acting job I played the role of Ensign Pulver in ‘Mr. Roberts’ at the Manitoba Theatre Centre.”
“I grew up in Winnipeg, in the Canadian midwest, the fifth child. It was a great household to grow up in – I was loved to sweet death.”
“I like to keep busy.”
“I pursued a theatre career, and Hollywood came calling.”
“I was a boy soprano. I had a natural kind of voice and then trained it after my voice changed.”
“I was an actor for over a year before I ever saw a play.”
“It’s a joy to work where I live, and come home and sleep in my own bed.”
“My mother – the Irish side of the family – was very musical. My mother was a singer; there was music around the house all the time.”
“My mother was a singer, and both of her sisters were singers. There was always music around.”

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