Bryan Cogman Best Quotes

Bryan Cogman is television producer, born: July 25, 1979, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Bryan Cogman is best known for “The Laws of Gods and Men” Enjoy Bryan Cogman’s best quotes below.

“‘A Storm of Swords’ is a massive volume, and it seemed like it would be shortchanging it to try to cram it into ten episodes.”
“As far as engaging with fans… it’s a tricky thing. I enjoy seeing the feedback on Twitter, etc. It’s probably the actor in me.”
“Coming out of Juilliard, I had a big head, and a lot of people wouldn’t want to be an assistant. But I am so fortunate, and I’ve learned a ton.”
“Don’t limit yourself to one thing.”
“I come from the theater, where the response to your work is immediate, and I suppose there’s a part of me that still craves that.”
“I don’t think of the characters as being good or bad because that doesn’t help me as a writer.”
“I hate when the major event of a show I watch is spoiled for me. And I’m wracked with guilt when/if I spoil something for someone else.”
“I tend to work in coffee shops. I need to get out of the house, and, well, I need the coffee.”
“I think ‘The Americans’ is exceptional on every level.”
“I’m a big fan of the underdogs.”
“When we’re shooting, I’m in producer mode.”
“After we map out all the main characters’ individual arcs, using color-coded index cards, we arrange them by episode and get a rough idea of the scene order.”
“I couldn’t enjoy ‘A Dance With Dragons,’ unfortunately. Of course, I enjoyed it, but it was the first of the books I read as a writer on ‘Game of Thrones,’ so all I could do is think, ‘We’re going to have to shift that,’ ‘We won’t be able to afford that,’ or ‘That’s a great scene.’”
“I tend to write the episodes in the middle of the season, which can be a challenge because you’ve got to balance all these threads that have begun – and also make sure they will make sense with the overall plan going forward.”
“The pressure used to wear on me. I was on Twitter a couple years ago, and I couldn’t handle it all that well. Don’t get me wrong, because 90% of the feedback you get is fantastic.”

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