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Zach Seivers’s height is 6ft 2.5in (1.89 m)

Zach Seivers is sound designer, sound department, born: August 12, 1984, Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA. Zach Seivers is best known for “Adam”

Best Known For Movie: Adam
Height: 6ft 2.5in (1.89 m)
Born: August 12, 1984 , Mount Airy, North Carolina, United States
Filmography: The Sweet Life (2016), Wakefield (2016), Chasing Light (2016), Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler (2015), The Seventies (2015), The Driftless Area (2015), 7 Days in Hell (2015), 30th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards (2015), Newsreaders (2013-2015), City of Gold (2015), I’ll See You in My Dreams (2015), Last Days in the Desert (2015), It’s Never Just a Movie: Chris Rock and Top Five (2014), The Sixties (2014), Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story (2014), Hotline (2014/I), 5 to 7 (2014), Difret (2014), A Date With My Gyno (2013), Fire Season (2013), State of Play (2013), Trophy Kids (2013), Spotlight on Broadway (), NTSF:SD:SUV (), The Face of Love (2013), Winter in the Blood (2013), The Diplomat (2013), Fall and Winter (2013), The Other Shore (2013/I), The Fight Game with Jim Lampley (), Something Real and Good (2013), Killing Lincoln (2013), Momma Bear (2013), Sassy Pants (2012), Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012), Junk Gypsies (2011-2012), P.O.V. (2012), Battleship: Battle Stations! (2012), Hot in Cleveland (2012), Beside Her (2012), Leave Me Like You Found Me (2012), Starlet (2012/I), Tumbleweed! (2012), On Freddie Roach (2012), Engine Block (2011), Nuttin Bafflin (2011), He Has Seen War (2011), The Light in Her Eyes (2011), Brief Reunion (2011), Transformers: Dark of the Moon – World Premiere Special (2011), Mancations (2011), Gettysburg (2011), HBO First Look (), The Shunning (2011), Futurestates (), An Article of Hope (2011), To Get Her (2011), Ruin (2011), All American Tooles (2010), Childrens Hospital (), This Emotional Life: Early Moments Matter (2010), This Emotional Life: Military Families and Deployment (2010), The Trial (2010), Warren the Ape (2010), Mahler on the Couch (2010), Heart of Now (2010), Max on Set: Get Him to the Greek (2010), The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010), The Real Robin Hood (2010), Flashforward (2010), The Taqwacores (2010), White Knuckles (2010), The Patent Clerk (2009), Extract: Mike Judge’s Secret Recipe (2009), Cornered! (2009), Star Trek: Aliens (2009), Star Trek: A New Vision (2009), Star Trek: Ben Burtt & the Sounds of Star Trek (2009), Star Trek: Casting (2009), Star Trek: Gag Reel (2009), Star Trek: Gene Rodenberry’s Vision (2009), Star Trek: Planets (2009), Star Trek: Props & Costumes (2009), Star Trek: Score (2009), Star Trek: Starships (2009), Star Trek: To Boldly Go (2009), Path Lights (2009), Hollywood, je t’aime (2009), Eyeborgs (2009), Doubt: Stage to Screen (2009), Downtime on the Set of Yes Man with Jim Carrey (2009), Scoring ‘Doubt’ (2009), The Sisters of Charity (2009), Previously On: E.R. (2009), To Catch a Thief: A Night with the Hitchocks (2009), To Catch a Thief: Unacceptable Under the Code – Censorship in Hollywood (2009), Bomber (2009), Adam (2009/I), No Impact Man: The Documentary (2009), Cyclops (2008), The Narrows (2008), Prince of Broadway (2008), David McCullough: Painting with Words (2008), Intersections: The Making of ‘Rendition’ (2008), Nobody Loves Alice (2008), A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Beowulf (2008), Lost in a Day (2007), Masters of the Heist (2007), ATF: Asian Task Force (2007), From Script to Sand: The Skorponok Desert Attack (2007), Our World (2007), Their War (2007), The Suzy Prophecy (2007), Dog Days of Summer (2007), Supergator (2007), The Hammer (2007), Smokin’ Aces: The Big Gun (2007), Bicentennial Curious (2007), Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition (2007), Reflections of Lady in the Water (2006), C.S. Lewis: Dreamer of Narnia (2006), Red Autumn (2006), The Return (2006/I), Kilroy Was Here (2006), Max on Set: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Beginning (2006), Sasquatch Mountain (2006), Trick My Truck (2006), South of Hell (2005), The Mangler Reborn (2005), The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (2005), Little Chicago (2005), Booth (2005/II), Twilight (2005), The Broken Sword (2005), Chicks 101 (2004), The Dog Days of Summer (2004), Cornered! (2009), Kilroy Was Here (2006), I Am a Man (2010), Red Autumn (2006), Chasing Light (2016), The Concert for Valor (2014), Jimmy (2013/I), Sprinkles (2010), The Making of ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ (2009), Death Race: Start Your Engines – Making a Death Race (2008), Death Race: Behind the Wheel – Dissecting the Stunts (2008), The Incredible Hulk: An Incredible Evolution (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Becoming the Abomination (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Becoming the Hulk (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Creating Hulk Comic Books (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Hulking Out in Harlem (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Hulking Out in the Bottling Plant (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Hulking Out on Campus (2008), The Incredible Hulk: Scene Explorer (2008), The Incredible Hulk: The Hulk That Wasn’t There (2008), The Making of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008), Smokin’ Aces: The Big Gun (2007).
Astrological Sign: Leo
Occupation: Sound Designer, Sound Department
Awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single or multi-camera)
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