David Scott Best Quotes

David Scott is actor, born: August 14, 1970, Anaheim, California, USA. David Scott is best known for “The Bunnyman Massacre” Enjoy David Scott’s best quotes below.

“America was magnificently characterized in November of 2008 when we elected, for the first time, an African-American President of the United States.”
“Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other so much. But that hate that they had for each other did not come before the love of their country.”
“Racism, unfortunately, is part of the fabric of America’s society.”
“I do not support a single-payer system; I do support having something there, whether it’s an option or not. And we can work with that, but we have to have something to leverage so we can get the insurance company to bring down their prices, and the only way to do that is to have an alternative there.”
“Make no mistake about it, my friends – Republicans, the American people are never going to forget that it was you who shut down the government of the people.”

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