Paul Coffey Best Quotes

Paul Douglas Coffey (born June 1, 1961) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey defenceman in the National Hockey League. Known for his speed and scoring prowess, Coffey ranks second all-time among NHL defencemen in career goals, assists, and points, behind Ray Bourque. Coffey was born in Weston, Ontario, but grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Enjoy Paul Coffey’s best quotes below.

“Nobody’s a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. It’s hard to stay on top.”
“I went on and was still able to play some good hockey.”
“There’s only a couple stats that matter. No one cares how many blocked shots a guy has, how many hits.”
“I didn’t spend a whole lot of time here, but I had the seven best years of my career in this city and having an attachment here 20-some odd years later is pretty special to me.”
“I have great memories of my years in Edmonton and the players who were my teammates.”
“Sight is something you take for granted until you think you might lose it.”
“Before you become successful, you have to fall down on your face.”
“Leadership is one of sports’ intangibles. Guys can score, guys can fight, guys can skate faster than anybody else. But not everybody can say, ‘Follow me.’”
“Having Wayne in town will be exciting enough.”
“I don’t think longevity gets enough credit when you’re talking about a player.”
“My mother passed away of complications of dementia. As you get older, it really makes you realize how many people are touched by this disease.”
“Anyone that coaches their son, you expect more out of your boy. I’m not talking about stats, but I expected him to be the hardest worker out there.”
“I was a natural skater, but I also took private lessons to enhance my skills.”
“Outdoor hockey is what it is all about.”
“There are certain guys that think they know hockey because they follow it on the Internet.”
“You learn by playing a great team, and I’m talking about character things, not hockey technique.”
“That feeling in the dressing room after you win – nothing comes close to that. You can’t get that in any other career. Maybe in the stock market back in the ’80s when people were making tons of money, maybe they felt something similar. Maybe. But look at the market now. Nothing gives you that emotion like sports. Nothing. Am I wrong?”
“People ask me all the time now, what’s the most memorable moment of your career? It’s always the championships. The first goal, the 50th – it doesn’t matter. It’s always the championships.”

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