Wendy O. Williams Best Quotes

Wendy Orlean Williams, better known as Wendy O. Williams, was an American singer, songwriter and actress. Born in Webster, New York, she first came to prominence as the lead singer of the punk rock band Plasmatics. Enjoy Wendy O. Williams’s best quotes below.

“The important thing is to build up my cardiovascular system, so I have the stamina to do stunts. To me, stepping over the line, taking a chance and succeeding is the ultimate freedom, be it in rock and roll or when executing a really challenging routine.”
“It’s not that I don’t value my life. It’s just that I love taking chances, testing myself, stepping over the line.”
“Basically, I hate conformity. I hate people telling me what to do. It makes me want to smash things. So-called normal behaviour patterns make me so bored, I could throw up!”
“Do I have to use my feet? Can I knock the window out with my head?”
“I’m more interested in having a place to work out my voice and my body than I am in having furniture.”
“I never strike out at any life form. The only things I attack are icons of conspicuous consumption. People put objects in front of their life, in front of anything that has real importance. They make this ‘thing’ their God.”
“The thing about animals is that they don’t judge you. They accept you the way you are.”
“I’m trying to encourage more women to be themselves, rather than what men want them to be. I don’t believe in patronizing either sex.”
“I don’t like fashion. I don’t like art. I do like smashing up expensive things.”
“I want to cause a change with my life, make the world a little better.”
“My music is very innovative, in a class by itself. Nobody else is saying anything of value. What I’m trying to do is get people to think, to alter their consciousness. It’s not your typical platinum formula for success.”
“Ever since I was little, I’ve always liked to smash things.”

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