Vinnie Vincent Best Quotes

Vinnie Vincent is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is a former member of the rock band Kiss where he was “The Wizard.” He also was the leader of his own band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Enjoy Vinnie Vincent’s best quotes below.

“In my opinion I do not think I am a better guitarist than Ace, I honestly think we’re both different, and we both brought something unique to the musical.”
“I have no plan to retire anytime soon, although remember I am 50 years old!”
“I hope to find the perfect band as well, I really do, and I’m working very hard to find that band.”
“I miss the 80′s as well, it was a truly great decade for music.”
“Soon I will be doing what I love again.”
“I agree with you about the music of today. It lacks style and emotion.”
“I also plan to release a ballads collection.”

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