Tom Everett Scott Best Quotes

Thomas “Tom” Everett Scott is an American film, theatre and television actor. His film work includes a starring role as drummer Guy Patterson in the film That Thing You Do! and as detective Russell … Enjoy Tom Everett Scott’s best quotes below.

“Actors, we like our little cups of cappuccino and our personal umbrella-holders. Poker players, they’ve gotta be a little bit tougher.”
“Ever since I was a little kid, I used to love doing the evil laugh: ‘Mwahaha!’ I could really do it! And there’s a little bit of that inside everybody. Still, as a kid, it was like my favorite thing.”
“One of my first jobs ever as an actor was working with Julie White on a sitcom called ‘Grace Under Fire.’”
“In my experience, nice guys are boring, and bad guys are fun to play.”
“Fame looks like a really hairy affair. But if it’s part of the job, I’ll figure out a way to deal with it.”
“Actors should be better poker players. But I think there’s actual skill and crazy guts that you need to play poker – this ability to put all this money on the line inside of that game of cards. There’s this whole different set of skills that doesn’t apply to acting whatsoever.”
“No one ever let me be a bad guy once I started working more frequently after I got out of college and started pursuing acting. I just got all of the good-guy roles because if I walk in the room, not a lot of people believe me as a bad guy.”

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