Titus Welliver Best Quotes

Titus B. Welliver is an American actor and painter. He is known for his recurring roles in film and television and his portrayal of the The Man in Black on Lost. Enjoy Titus Welliver’s best quotes below.

“I think good actors are born with a kind of native gift. When you study too much with an acting teacher, that gets taken away. You lose your sense of spontaneity.”
“A really good uniformed cop has tremendous people skills, and they learn how to read people.”
“My daughter lived with my wife being ill since she was 2.”
“The issue of fracking is a stick in the hornet’s nest.”
“As an actor, I can still play a cop, but the bullets are fake, I don’t have to get injured, and I’m not faced with the day-in-day-out of what cops have to deal with, which is tragic and dangerous.”
“The biggest danger is that actors become entirely too dependent on the idea of training. They think that if they continue to train and train and train, it’s going to make them better.”

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