Stuart Townsend Best Quotes

Stuart Townsend is an Irish actor and director. His most notable portrayals are of the characters Lestat de Lioncourt in the 2002 film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, and Dorian Gray in … Enjoy Stuart Townsend’s best quotes below.

“I was really educating myself on the environment, but I didn’t realize it was so connected to politics, connected to globalization.”
“In real life I can play guitar, sure, but badly.”
“Actors want to be told what to do – they really do. But they also want to have an input and be recognized for that.”
“Acting is great. You spend your whole life trying to get it right.”
“I don’t really go around feeling very Irish at all. I don’t go to Irish pubs. I’ve lived so many places, and I’m still so curious about the bigger world. It’s grand to be alive in a time when mobility is so accessible.”
“With directing, you always have three or four things constantly on the go. It’s a tough industry and a tough time, particularly if you’re doing things a little outside the box or independent features.”
“Home is a relative concept for me. I’ve been in Los Angeles 10 years, and I definitely feel at home here, but I also feel at home in a lot of places. I’m not too attached to anywhere, really. Home is where the people you love are at the time.”
“I’d worked with directors who wouldn’t collaborate. Then I’ve also worked with directors who didn’t really know what they wanted. I knew I didn’t want to be either one of those guys – or girls.”
“I do love comedy, I have to say. That’s one of the greatest things about being an actor: You get to try new things and play around in different genres.”

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