Sophie Mcshera Best Quotes

Ian David McShane is an English actor, director, producer and voice artist. Despite appearing in numerous films, McShane is best known for his television roles, particularly BBC’s Lovejoy and HBO’s drama series Deadwood. Enjoy Sophie Mcshera’s best quotes below.

“I listen to a lot of old music, like Joni Mitchell and David Bowie.”
“I love dressing up, though I have to hide my rubbish hair in a hat.”
“Being recognised on the street in New York is pretty surreal.”
“I’d hate to be really beautiful on telly and then have everyone go, ‘It’s all make-up and lighting.’”
“I’m a massive shopper. Topshop, Urban Outfitters – I’m pretty at home on the high street.”
“I’m really good at pretending.”
“I like twinsets, and I’m famous for always wearing crop tops.”
“I tend to go to the theater a lot. I’ve always loved it.”
“I was obsessed with ‘The Sound of Music.’ I always feel nostalgic watching it.”
“I’m not even speaking to people any more; I just want to be reading my Kindle the whole time!”
“I’m quite low-key – Isabel Marant is one of my favourite designers.”
“If me and my friends are feeling decadent, we go for afternoon tea.”
“My friends would howl if I claimed I was androgynous – I’m not tall enough!”
“Normally, you have to wait for the costume department to help you out of costume.”
“I do loads of one-pot things because I feel like you can’t go too far wrong. And I make a lot of soups and casseroles, which is so boring, but it’s the only thing I can do!”
“I loved ‘Pulling.’ It was so original and hilarious. I remember being very sad when it finished. I’d love to start a campaign to bring it back, but if I did, the actors would probably say, ‘We’re fine. We’re all really busy, thanks. Please don’t!’”
“I’m really rubbish at putting anything on my skin, because I don’t like the feel of it. But I do love Kate Moss’ Rimmel lipsticks – I keep them in all my coat pockets.”
“When I was ten, I had a weird cinema party where I invited everyone from my street to come. I pretended I was an usher and tried to sell them all popcorn.”

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