Slim Whitman Best Quotes

Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr., known professionally as Slim Whitman, was an American country music and western music singer, songwriter and instrumentalist known for his yodeling abilities and his smooth high three octave range falsetto. Enjoy Slim Whitman’s best quotes below.

Slim Whitman
“I’d like my son to remember me as a good dad.”
“Everyone thinks I’m singing falsetto, but that’s my normal singing voice.”
“I don’t think you’ve ever heard anything bad about me, and I’d like to keep it that way.”
“I can still sing. If you are dead, you can’t sing.”
“I have sold 120 million records. Half of those could be in Europe.”
“I’d like the people to remember me as having a good voice and a clean suit.”
“It’s like a prize fighter. He knows he has a fight coming up, so he gets in the gym and trains. So when I have a show coming up, I practice yodeling.”
“The material I did was lasting material. A lot of people thought I wasn’t doing anything, but I was in the studio. The biggest factor is the material you choose. You hunt, you cut.”

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