Sarah Clarke Best Quotes

Sarah Clarke is an American actress, best known for her role as Nina Myers on 24, and also for her roles as Renée Dwyer, Bella Swan’s mother, in the 2008 film Twilight, Erin McGuire on the short-lived … Enjoy Sarah Clarke’s best quotes below.

“I have to say, I loved working on ‘Men of a Certain Age.’ It was a real shame when that show got canceled.”
“I would love to do a Western someday. Every time I watch any of them, I’m so envious.”
“I always look for the writers and what they’re creating. If it’s something I don’t buy, it’s really hard for me to play it. To me, it has to be grounded in some sort of reality. It’s really hard to go to these extreme places if they’re not grounded.”
“Being a mother of two myself – and two small girls – I think that single parenting is hard.”
“I definitely like creative, exciting adventures.”
“I do Pilates two to three times a week if I’m lucky. Usually just two.”
“There was a little movie I did called ‘Women In Trouble’ that a friend of mine made. That, to me, was a very satisfying project. It was shot so quickly during the writer’s strike, and there was no money. It was a really fun project.”

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