Russell Tovey Best Quotes

Russell George Tovey is a British actor with numerous television, film and stage credits. Tovey is known for playing the role of werewolf George Sands in the BBC’s supernatural drama Being Human which started in 2008. Enjoy Russell Tovey’s best quotes below.

“Alan Bennett is a starmaker; he’s the Simon Cowell of the theatre world! He’s a beautiful, beautiful man: completely humble and so accessible.”
“At Christmas time, I spent an extortionate amount of money on Buzz Lightyear toys, baby clothes, Disney cars and the like.”
“Be nice to people and look after your relationships.”
“Being an uncle brings me utter joy.”
“‘Doctor Who’ would be overnight fame that would last for three years, and then what? I’m in this for the long term.”
“I auditioned for the role of Jamie Mitchell in ‘EastEnders,’ and it was between me and Jack Ryder, and he got it.”
“I get letters and messages on Twitter saying I’ve become a bit of a role model, which is wonderful.”
“I grew up in Essex, and all my life I wanted to live in London – now I do. I feel very privileged to be able to live here.”
“I just live in the moment. Or try to.”
“I love musicals – that’s probably one of my most gay traits: that’s one of my giveaways!”
“I love my personal life and having a social life. And I didn’t ever want to have to compromise.”
“I loved ‘Star Wars’. I had the toys.”
“I sort of challenge people’s perceptions of what a gay man is, which is kinda good.”
“I still feel I’m going to wake up any moment, and my skin’s going to break out all over.”
“I think if I met Frank Auerbach or Jeff Koons, I’d be more wobbly than if I met Robert De Niro!”
“I think it’s quite limiting to do a soap.”
“I was a hairdresser’s assistant. I used to get 20p tips for washing an old woman’s hair. I used to get there at 8 A.M., leave at 6 P.M. and get £10.”
“I’d actually quite like to try working behind a bar for a while. I’d give that a go.”
“I’d love the career of Julie Walters. As a man.”
“I’m not a controversial person. I’m not trying to polarise people.”
“I’m not a romantic lead. I have sticking-out ears and a little troll nose.”
“I’ve been so involved with TV shows, I’ve been unavailable for films, which is my dream.”
“If I hadn’t gone into acting, then I would have perhaps become an animator.”
“In New York, the trains run all night, and the cabs are so cheap.”
“Presently, I really admire Rebecca Warren, the artist. She continues to keep creating wonderful sculpture. And I met her, and she is really cool.”

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