Robin Weigert Best Quotes

Victor Webster is a Canadian actor. He is known for playing the mutant Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X, Coop the cupid on Charmed and detective Carlos Fonnegra in Continuum. Enjoy Robin Weigert’s best quotes below.

“I think when I feel fear, that’s often a cue that I should do something. If I begin to feel fear, that’s a strong sign, psychologically, that something has its hooks in me somewhere deep.”
“I basically have paid for a piano and a flat-screen television completely with my poker earnings. I’m pretty good at it.”
“I haven’t done ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown,’ and I would love them to have me, but I think I’m not a big enough celebrity yet to get on there.”
“I’m curious about people, and I’m curious about getting to the root of where they might be coming from.”
“It’s such an obedient way to be for a woman, to try to keep yourself in top shape, to follow all the rules and hope that will get you a measure of stability or happiness. That’s part of the affluent suburban dream: to do everything perfectly in a long-winded way, to try to fulfill all the requirements.”
“We romanticize the past with an illusion that we’d know how we’d fit.”
“In ‘Deadwood,’ it was just extremely unaesthetic. They actually put underarm merkins on and covered me with dirt!”
“I remember when ‘Deadwood’ had first come out, there was this whole deer-in-the-headlights sense of feeling really uncomfortable with being recognized in public.”
“The Deadwood dirt they painted on us with powder. The air always smelled of livestock and something burning, gave a sooty, dense feel to the air. It was a mixture of odors.”
“‘Deadwood’ was an incredible experience.”
“Television has changed. Some feels like good old-fashioned TV, and some of it feels more filmic and more natural and more nuanced. I don’t think there’s any clear line any longer between film and TV.”

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