Robert Loggia Best Quotes

Robert Loggia is an American actor and director. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Jagged Edge. Enjoy Robert Loggia’s best quotes below.

“I think there were some dubious feelings about it, that the first ‘Scarface’ would not be surpassed by the second ‘Scarface.’ We were wrong; it surpassed it. The acting talent, the cinematography – we were propelled into a real class action film. Long after I kick the bucket, it’ll be played.”
“I don’t know why it was canceled, but ‘Mancuso, FBI,’ it should have had a good long run, but it wasn’t picked up. Maybe there was a problem with me. I have no idea.”
“Nevertheless, I tend to get offensive easily.”
“I can’t be under the weight of the character for a 14-hour shooting day. I don’t think anybody can do that.”
“John Huston is more of a creative director than most.”
“An actor is an impersonator; he plays many different roles. If you played the same role all the time, God – that’d be a boring career. When you take on different roles and become a different person, that’s called acting… It’s a challenge.”
“We rehearsed our ‘Scarface’ to the nines. Long period of rehearsal, so that by the time we started to shoot, it was almost like doing a play. We all had a grand time doing it. It was a wonderful cast.”
“Working with David Lynch was like taking a bullet. A gun at you. ‘Lost Highway’ is, I think, one of the best films I’ve ever been in. It’ll endure a long, long time.”

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