Robert Iler Best Quotes

Robert Michael Iler is an American actor, known for his portrayal of A.J. Soprano on The Sopranos which aired on HBO from 1999-2007. Enjoy Robert Iler’s best quotes below.

“Music is my life.”
“I ate everything – a lot of pizza, bags of chips and boxes of cookies. Now I love chicken, that’s all I eat.”
“I actually just started home schooling. And it is great.”
“I was always handsome under all the fat.”
“You get in trouble, you have to evaluate: Is it worth getting into trouble again? It’s a lot easier to make that decision when you have a career at stake.”
“I never, ever would or did rob anyone in my life.”
“I intentionally aided them by being there and blocking an avenue of escape for the victims.”
“I’ve never seen a woman half as beautiful as Jennifer Love Hewitt.”
“If you miss one day in physics, that’s it.”

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