Riley Smith Best Quotes

Riley Bryant Smith is an American actor and singer for the band The Life of Riley. Enjoy Riley Smith’s best quotes below.

“I have way too many hobbies. I play guitar, and my buddies and I record music in a studio in my house. I have a couple of vintage Jeeps I’m always working on, fixing up. And I ride horses – I grew up on a horse ranch – and play basketball. I need to cut back on my hobbies so I can work more.”
“I’ve always been a blue collar guy, and I think it shows in my body of work and the way my career has developed.”
“Acting is perception, and as long as I’m honest with myself in my work, someone will appreciate it.”
“I go home to Iowa. I call it defrosting my heart. Everyone in Iowa is so simple, a genuine. In this business, sometimes you can get cold-hearted. When I go, even if it’s 20 below and snowing, I come back with a warm heart.”
“I’m known as a dramatic actor. But because I don’t do a lot of comedy, I love watching it because I can really immerse myself in it and not think.”
“I am always happy and proud of my work in ’24′ season three. It was a great role, and it was early on in my career, and it was a great test for me.”

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