Peggy Lipton Best Quotes

Margaret Ann “Peggy” Lipton (born August 30, 1946) is an American actress and former model. She was an overnight success and is best known for her role as flower child Julie Barnes in the counterculture TV show The Mod Squad (1968–73). Appearing in numerous TV series since her noted role as Norma Jennings in David Lynch’s surreal Twin Peaks, Lipton has had a more than 40-year career in television, film, and stage. Enjoy Peggy Lipton’s best quotes below.

“I ran into Neal Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called The Purple People Eater. He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as the worst experience of his life!”
“I didn’t stutter when I was reading lines in a script. When I got away from myself, I didn’t have that problem.”
“I had a wall around me and a lot of fantasy locked inside.”
“I love pool because it’s a game of strategy, a game of the eye, and your whole universe is like this. I really want to become a pool shark.”
“In acting class, I used to hide in the corner and pray the teacher wouldn’t call on me.”
“Despite ‘Mod Squad’s hit status, I never really made the inner connection that I was contributing.”
“I know I wanted to be with somebody and have children. My heart comes before my work.”
“I’m kind of kooky, but do I look like a religious nut?”
“My love affairs were more often about the fantasy than the actual person I was involved with.”
“Sometimes I would make myself very still and try to imagine myself dead. I tried to invoke the feeling of the very last breath I would take.”

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