Pattie Boyd Best Quotes

Patricia Anne “Pattie” Weston (née Boyd)  (born 17 March 1944) is an English model, photographer and author. She was the first wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. In August 2007, she published her autobiography Wonderful Tonight. Her photographs of Harrison and Clapton, titled Through the Eye of a Muse have been exhibited in Dublin, Sydney, Toronto, Moscow, London and throughout the United States. With the death of Cynthia Lennon on 1 April 2015, Boyd is now the sole surviving first Beatle wife. Enjoy Pattie Boyd’s best quotes below.

“I think men are mainly unfaithful because as they get older, they feel the urge to prove to themselves that they are still attractive. They need proof from outside the marriage. It’s really sad. It’s all about them. It’s not about their wives at all.”
“When you’re married to somebody iconic, people tend to notice him.”
“During my childhood, I felt older than my years because I felt responsible for my brothers and sisters.”
“I can’t rewrite history.”
“I do have a right to talk about my life, to tell my truth from my perspective.”
“I love life. There’s so much to learn and see all the time, and nothing nicer for me than to wake up, and the sky is blue.”
“I loved everything that went with rock n’ roll. I loved being at the heart of such creativity and being young in such a stimulating and exciting era.”
“I never wanted to be an actress. I didn’t have any ambition in that area.”
“I think I lost my sense of identity when I was married. I know I did. And it took me a very long time to regain it and find out who I was.”
“I think modelling is a very difficult thing. It’s glamorous and fun, but underneath it all, you know your flaws, and those are what you focus on.”
“I’m blessed with the fact that I’m a fighter. I’ve always known life was meant to be joyful.”
“I’m one of these people who couldn’t imagine the future. The future never occurred to me. I just loved life every day.”
“I’ve been avoiding journalists my whole life.”
“It’s such a joy to be able to have friendships free from worry. It’s so lovely to live without fear.”
“People say it’s cathartic to write a book, but it turned out to be quite painful!”
“Women hang onto the romanticism of a relationship. But a man compartmentalises it into the past and then gets on with his new life.”
“I didn’t have boyfriends until my late teens. I was at a girls’ boarding school, and my stepfather disapproved of me going out with anybody. I never really came across any boys. When I did, one of them asked me out, and I was petrified. I felt like a fish out of water, and it was excruciating.”
“I feel very lucky that I was part of that whole scene in the ’60s and ’70s. I love looking at the photographs because everyone was young, and they were so gorgeous to look at.”
“I had never been allowed to go on tour with my husband George Harrison, so had no idea what to expect when I left him to join Eric Clapton on his 1974 U.S. tour.”
“I have led an exceptional life in some ways, yes. I mean, I’ve been very lucky. I seem to have had a gift for landing in the right place at the right time.”
“I think there’s a path cut for us, a destination mapped out. Everyone ends up where they’re meant to be, and how they got there doesn’t really matter.”
“I was a firm believer that if you get married, then that should be it. But it’s sadly not always the case; sometimes people can’t remain together for whatever reason.”
“I wasn’t really terribly familiar with the Beatles when I met George. They were just emerging. They certainly weren’t as big as they became later on. I just knew them as a pop group, and that’s all. I was keener on George as a man and a person, as opposed to someone in a band.”
“It was great fun to hang around the Beatles. They had amazingly fast minds, and they were incredibly amusing and funny and witty. They were great. There was a very high energy surrounding them.”
“It wasn’t until I realised that I could actually take nice photographs that I started to become passionate about it. I then got a few jobs working for magazines in London, and I would get terribly excited and intense about doing a job and taking photographs and looking through the lens to capture something amazing.”
“Men find it more difficult than women to be alone. They function better with someone in their lives. Being married, they are rooted, so they feel safe to go and do what they want to do.”
“Once I’ve taken photographs, I look at them, and I get into them, and I’m there for the moment – and then that’s it. I find little time for reflection.”
“One grows up thinking you will naturally be able to have children, and when it doesn’t happen, it’s a shock. But I just feel that it wasn’t meant to be.”
“People blame the 1960s for just about everything these days, but it was the decade when all that post-war furtiveness and small-mindedness was finally blown open, and opportunity really came knocking.”
“When I was modelling, I used to hang out with a lot of photographers, and I’d learn unconsciously, in a way, about photography, and there were always cameras lying around. So eventually, I saved up and bought my first camera, and I would take pictures of friends and girlfriends or whoever wanted to be modelled. I just kept snapping all the time.”

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