Nicky Whelan Best Quotes

Nicky Whelan is an Australian actress and model best known for her role as Pepper Steiger in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. She is the granddaughter of AFL Brownlow Medallist Marcus Whelan. Enjoy Nicky Whelan’s best quotes below.

“Growing up and going out to bars in Australia – people do random things; cheesy pick-up lines… you got to laugh. It’s sweet. Some people come up with cracker lines, and you really can’t be mean to them.”
“I did take a huge leap moving countries. People have no idea how huge it is to relocate overseas. Finding your new life alone is enormous, and then starting a new career in Hollywood is so big.”
“A lot of the time, in the past, I have played the pretty blonde in a lot of roles.”
“I am a very deep person. I run very deep in real life.”
“I’d never heard of a hall pass until I came to America. It sounds like something at school.”
“I’ve predominantly done comedy over the years.”
“It’s such a process to get a show off the ground initially. And then, to already have a second season announced is a dream come true for any actor.”
“I think the Australian men and American men are quite different. I feel like Australian men might be a little bit more laid back and a little bit cool whereas American guys are sort of ‘boom, boom, boom.’”
“I’m going to go traveling through Europe and see parts of the world I haven’t seen. I’ve spent so much time in America that I want to check out the rest of the world.”

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