Neve Mcintosh Best Quotes

Neve McIntosh is a Scottish actress. Enjoy Neve Mcintosh’s best quotes below.

“I am such a tomboy. I grew up fighting with boys, mainly – beating up boys, actually.”
“Thankfully, I have never experienced a miscarriage, but I have friends and family who have, and I’ve talked to them about their feelings.”
“I love playing ‘Madame Vastra.’ Although I do suffer, spending three-and-a-half hours in make-up every morning to have her lizard skin put on. I was so excited the first day when we did the make-up test, but after six hours, I was like, ‘Can we finish now?’”
“It’s hard to get the downtrodden working-class wifey sometimes because ‘You don’t look like it’. Well, that’s weird because I grew up on a scheme in Paisley. But everyone’s got a viewpoint about what you should look like, and it’s tainted by prejudices and assumptions.”
“Women are never the protagonists; we’re always reactionary against everything that’s done to us. I like people who write for women that have got a bit more about them.”
“Audiences are a wee bit more chatty in New York than in London.”
“Fashion isn’t something I madly follow. I tend just to wear what I like and what fits me well.”
“For a little while there, I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to be in anything on British TV’. I didn’t watch any of it because it was rubbish.”
“I do worry because it takes all types to make our culture, to make our art. We need it to be available to all.”
“I really admire medical people. They have a great sense of humour, and they just have to get on with it.”
“I started horse-riding when I was a child and still try to go as often as I can.”
“I tend to do yoga before I go on stage, so that keeps me nice and calm.”
“I’ve been a ‘Doctor Who’ fan since I was a wee girl.”
“In the Church of Scotland, Episcopalian, you don’t have to believe in Heaven, but you definitely have to believe in Hell.”
“My first-night jitters are so bad, I can’t even hold a tea cup, but once I am over that, I get really into it.”
“Some people have a persona that they bring, and I can’t do that. It’s just me that you get, I’m afraid.”
“With some writers, the script looks beautiful on the page, but nobody actually speaks like that.”
“Conflict is always more interesting to play. Not everyone gets along in the trauma unit. In a hard-pressed job like this, there will always be friction.”
“I can’t wait to work with Peter Capaldi as the next ‘Doctor.’ I know him from old; he’s such a lovely man and will be brilliant in the role. As long as he tones down the Malcolm Tucker swearing.”
“I haven’t done any ‘Fringe’ shows since I was about 17. Then I performed with my youth theatre in a show where we all had this old-fashioned make-up on and giggled through our lines.”
“I love being in London, where I live, for the shops, the bars and the clubs – but I equally enjoy going to my mum’s house in Ayrshire and being able to sit on a cliff by the sea.”
“I used to have a lovely wallet with lots of different compartments where I kept photographs of my grandmother, grandfather and friends. It was stolen one night when I was out in Edinburgh, and I never got it back.”
“In Edinburgh, there was a lovely little Episcopalian Church of Scotland church on my way to the theater, so I used to pop in there and soak up the atmosphere.”
“You go for an audition, and you meet a director, and you find that they don’t want you. You have to have a pull with them: that they understand what you want to bring to it. That you don’t want to be the pretty little thing.”

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