Michael J Anderson Best Quotes

Michael J. Anderson is an American actor known for his roles as the Man from Another Place in David Lynch’s television series Twin Peaks, the epilogue and prologue film of the series, Twin Peaks: Fire … Enjoy Michael J Anderson’s best quotes below.

“I think that David Lynch, he lives in a zone, and he expresses that zone to us with everything he does.”
“‘Twin Peaks’ is one of those Rorschach ink blot things, where everybody finds their own favorite thing.”
“As good as ‘Twin Peaks’ was, and I mean, it’s a superb work that’s way ahead of its time, and we’ve never caught up, and we never will… I mean, we will never catch up to ‘Twin Peaks.’”
“In a sense, ‘Twin Peaks’ never really went away. They’ve got a ‘Twin Peaks’ convention up in Washington every year, and I’m pretty much recognized on a fairly regular basis from ‘Twin Peaks,’ so I feel like it never really got too far away.”

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