Michael Hogan Best Quotes

Michael Hogan is a Canadian actor known for his roles as Colonel Saul Tigh in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series and Billy in The Peanut Butter Solution. Enjoy Michael Hogan’s best quotes below.

“Being a regular in a television series, for me – if I wanted to be a cop, I woulda went to cop school. If I wanted to be a doctor, I would’ve gone to medical school. You get trapped in your normal episodic television shows, basically doing the same thing.”
“Doors open to you every time you get a different role. So, yeah, the research is my passion; that’s why I keep doing it.”
“You know, I’m an old man, and there’s always parts for old bald guys.”
“In the mid-’60s, I quit school and wandered across the country, hitchhiked back and forth a few times, and ended up in hippie times, in the street in Toronto, in Yorkville.”

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