Maud Welzen Best Quotes

Maud Welzen (born November 13, 1993 in Beek) is a Dutch fashion model. Enjoy Maud Welzen’s best quotes below.

“I was discovered in Paris when I was there on a school trip at the age of 13. After that, my mom came in contact with Elite Amsterdam; then I started modeling.”
“I like to eat yogurt in the morning. It’s easy and quick and available anywhere.”
“Once I found a mouse under my bed in an apartment in Paris. I am terrified of mice! I couldn’t sleep for days.”
“I really would like to work with kids if I was not a model.”
“I like Sultana cookies – they are so, so, so good. I think the best in the world.”
“I like to read dramatic novels and I absolutely love magazines.”
“I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and at the moment I listen a lot to house music.”

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