Matt Schulze Best Quotes

Matthew Steven “Matt” Schulze is an American actor and musician. Enjoy Matt Schulze’s best quotes below.

“As far as rock groups, I really like Stone Temple Pilots. As for classical composers, it’s Bach. I love Paganini, too, the Italian composer who would break strings during a performance and finish playing on just one string. Someone I would have loved to play with is Jimi Hendrix.”
“I love classical music. Yes, I was in a conservatory when I was younger and played guitar and all that stuff, so I also love rock.”
“When I was 17, I taught music; I had 65 students a week, and I did that for a year. So that’s pretty regular. But it was great to give the gift of music to people, seeing them learn. It’s great to influence young people in a creative way.”
“Before they did all those shows on Jackson Pollock, I loved the way he formulated his paintings. I loved Basquiat – I was into the whole Beat generation, Kerouac, etc., and all those artists talked about that and Kerouac, so I just got in the middle of being spontaneous.”
“I approach music and acting the same way, through spontaneous improvisation. I never really try to rehearse anything, do it over and over, except when we’re inside a take.”
“I think from the time I was a kid I’ve been an entertainer. I’ve always had the ability to play characters. When I came to California, I was overwhelmed that you could do this and get paid for it, make a living on it, and be creative within this art form.”

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