Martin Klebba Best Quotes

Martin Klebba is an American actor and stunt performer. Klebba has a form of dwarfism called acromicric dysplasia; he is 4’1″ tall. Enjoy Martin Klebba’s best quotes below.

“The one thing little people don’t like is the ‘M’ word, ‘midget.’”
“I’d love to drive a Lamborghini, but I think it’s hard when the pedals are way down in there, and you sit real low, but I’ve come up with some pedal extensions. I actually sit in a kids’ car seat that my old boss put this beautiful leather wrap around, and it looks just like a Corvette seat that sits on top of my leather Corvette seat.”
“I think with challenges, you either overcome them or you fall behind and become a statistic.”
“My fiancee’s average size, and my son’s average size, so I don’t want to alter my whole house, because the resale won’t be very good unless we sell it to another little person.”

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