Marisa Coughlan Best Quotes

Marisa Christine Coughlan is an American actress. Enjoy Marisa Coughlan’s best quotes below.

“No matter how I look, the freak inside me leaks out.”
“Hollywood is full of men who need wraparound mirrors so that they never have a moment when they can’t check themselves out. I love guys who don’t worry about what they look like, who aren’t aware of how attractive they are.”
“The problem with being an actor is that you have to be reactive to what other people want.”
“There were so many points where I was like, ‘I can’t do this.’ It was too exhausting. It’s just a lot, and then suddenly something happens, and your career changes, and it’s so much fun and wonderful. I look back on those moments, and I’m so glad I didn’t give up.”
“I’m kind of goofy, and I need someone who has that, too. I’m looking for the inner freak in a guy.”
“I’m looking for little movies that are good instead of picking scripts in pursuit of superstardom.”
“You can do anything. Put stuff on YouTube. You can create your own media, which you couldn’t do not so long ago.”

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