Lindsay Price Best Quotes

Lindsay Jaylyn Price is an American television actress and singer who was born to a father of German and Irish descent and a mother of Korean descent, best known for her roles as Janet Sosna on Beverly … Enjoy Lindsay Price’s best quotes below.

“I don’t have a fear of becoming a parent, but I do have a fear of taking care of a newborn because they are so tiny and vulnerable.”
“Work used to be the No. 1 important thing to me. Everything revolved around it, and to have a new perspective and have something else, my family, not just being a mom but being a part of an incredible family of my own, it makes me have a different perspective on life that I think is richer.”
“The truth is, if you’re lucky enough to work, you’re a lucky actor.”
“Everyone says TV’s going down the tubes, and it’s all reality, but there’s some really good writing and some amazing opportunities if you’re lucky enough to throw your hat in the ring.”
“I’m liking the different types of tights that you can wear with high heels. There are lots of different colors and textures.”
“Everything that I do has to be something new and something challenging, or with people that I want to work with. I take jobs for different reasons.”
“I have to just get up early and make sure I run. I’ll do 40 minutes, four miles. It’s not easy, but it clears my head.”

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