Lew Temple Best Quotes

Lew Temple is an American film actor, perhaps best known for his roles as Locus Fender in the action film, Domino, Cal, the diner manager in the comedy-drama Waitress, and Axel in the third season of The Walking Dead. Enjoy Lew Temple’s best quotes below.

“I’m a leukemia survivor, and I recall during my darkest days in the hospital when my friends would come to see me, especially the male friends – they had certain mortality issues with their visit.”
“It’s all about the stache, and I have so many fans that offer me tips on mustache wax that I actually really appreciate. I’ve been able to get some leads on some good products.”
“When I was cast for ‘Walking Dead,’ I was still doing ‘Lone Ranger,’ so I have my ‘Lone Ranger’ look with the handlebar mustache. I think everybody appreciates the professional mustache.”
“‘The Walking Dead’ never wants you to get too comfortable with characters and cast members. I think about the time you feel fairly secure with your appreciation of a character is about the time the show will gut-punch you.”

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