Kerry Bishe Best Quotes

Kerry Bishé is an New Zealand actress, known for playing Lucy Bennett, the main character in season nine of medical comedy Scrubs. Enjoy Kerry Bishe’s best quotes below.

“I was a mime. I’m not kidding. I went to Northwestern University and they have a mime company, so we did a lot of training and then a lot of mime shows around Chicago.”
“I love smart and curious people. I value intelligence in my friends and relationships.”
“I think it’s really rare to see women on television who are brilliant, selfish, vain, fallible – and I feel like I have all those capacities in myself, so it’s good to see people in the media representing all of those things.”
“There are a great number of people from New Jersey who go on to have pretty successful careers.”
“I think that some people like to be someone other than themselves when acting, while others are most themselves. I fall into the second camp. For me, acting is a great exercise in getting to the truth about myself.”
“I could never understand how to build a computer, but the best I could hope for is to understand the people that do.”
“I’m kind of a Luddite myself. I’ve got a bunch of typewriters at home. I’m a big fan of old technology.”
“I did a lot of theater, so especially as an on-camera camera actor, there are so many things that aren’t in your toolbox. They’re somebody else’s job. You think about editors and rhythm. Volume isn’t even in your control.”
“I went to a Cal Tech party after the ‘Facebook’ movie came out, and there were kids in dark rooms coding because it was cool again. That movie made it cool to sit in a room at a party and write code.”
“The storytelling in a movie is in the cut; it’s in the edit. It’s not an actor’s job, really. Your job is such a tiny little thing, and I love the feeling of juggling or tightrope walking.”
“To me, one of the things I love about being an actor is that it’s never done; it’s never perfect, and so it’s the process. It’s like practicing being okay with things not being perfect and things being outside of your control.”

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