Ken Kercheval Best Quotes

Peter Kent, PC, MP is a Conservative member of parliament for the riding of Thornhill, and the former Minister of the Environment in the 28th Canadian Ministry. Enjoy Ken Kercheval’s best quotes below.

“Whatever moisture is left in the popcorn when it gets from harvest to bag to your popper is what’s going to determine how well the corn pops.”
“I’ve suffered from low self-esteem.”
“My doctor found a spot on my lung. He told me it looked like adenocarcinoma, a cancer he attributes to smoking. He didn’t need to biopsy it.”
“Being a star and having money do not make for a happy person.”
“My dad was a doctor and surgeon. He was the fifth generation of his family to become a doctor.”
“For me, happiness is doing my best and trying to be helpful.”
“What gives me strength is thinking about my children.”
“When I was a kid, I had serious athlete’s foot and nosebleeds.”
“Most corn is combine harvested, which means it’s picked and shelled in the field – but that’s rough on the corn because the husk is more likely to be scratched or cracked.”

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