Karine Vanasse Best Quotes

Karine Vanasse is a French Canadian actress, most famous in Quebec for her award winning roles in films such as Polytechnique, Séraphin: Heart of Stone and Emporte-moi. Enjoy Karine Vanasse’s best quotes below.

“I always worked mostly in Quebec. I never thought of the States, somehow. I don’t know – I don’t have blue eyes or blond hair. I thought I didn’t fit with the stereotype of America.”
“It had always been a dream of mine to come to New York to work. Coming to New York and looking for work is one thing, but coming to New York and already having a job and feeling like you are already part of the city has been an amazing experience for me.”
“I love to fly so much.”
“As for the Canadians – good actors and good directors are sometimes taken by the American market, you know, if they’re good enough.”
“Gloves make you so much more delicate.”
“I wasn’t really using Twitter before ‘Pan Am.’ It was a good way to promote the show and be with the viewers on Sunday and be available to them and take questions.”
“When you have a chance to play a character people can relate to, it’s rewarding.”
“I love Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey.”
“It’s fascinating to see actors who do voiceovers every day.”
“We now know how things were in the ’60s and how things have changed, but I don’t think we appreciate how much things have changed.”
“You know sometimes it’s not the bigger roles that give you the most satisfaction, yeah?”
“‘Polytechnique’ changed everything in my way of working. I became an adult, really, during those five years. I didn’t work on anything else but ‘Polytechnique.’”
“When I have to promote things now, sometimes I realize that I had a movie in mind, but in the end, it’s a vision of somebody else, so I have to promote their idea.”
“As an actor, you arrive most of the time at the last minute. You arrive at the end of the process, but you don’t realize it.”
“I feel so great on a plane that it could be the end of everything, and I don’t care.”
“I have a dear friend here in Toronto, Sarah Millman, who has helped me a lot as a stylist.”
“I’ll always love movies. But there’s something I love very much about TV, when you shoot episodes while other episodes are still being written.”

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