Jonathan Tucker Best Quotes

Jonathan Moss Tucker is an American film and television actor. Enjoy Jonathan Tucker’s best quotes below.

“You can be drinking the wine today, but picking the grapes tomorrow.”
“I grew up, as I joke around, in the ‘People’s Republic of Charlestown’ in the city of Boston. And I was blessed to be raised right there on Monument Square in Charlestown, and every morning I’d hop on the bus and go on a 45-minute ride out to the suburbs in Brooklyn for elementary school. And I got to have my seat, really, in both worlds.”
“I’m not looking to be famous, but I want a body of work and a moral character that is deserving of fame.”
“Whether you’re doing Shakespeare or Disney, good work is good work.”
“I can tell you the actor who I admire the most. Billy Crudup. Do you know who he is? He’s awesome.”
“I’m not a horror guy, it’s not my thing, but I respect it a lot. I know how hard it is to make, especially to make good.”
“I’ve always used music for my acting, and I do have a kind of a very personal play list that I create.”
“I have been blessed to have been working since I was 11. I think horror is an underrated genre. When done really well like in ‘The Ruins’, it pays homage to some of the stuff I really love in the ’70s and incurs some of that energy the fanbase really wants to see.”

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