Jonathan Cain Best Quotes

Jonathan Cain is an American musician, best known for his work with The Babys, Journey and Bad English. Enjoy Jonathan Cain’s best quotes below.

Jonathan Cain
“We get sucked into the Internet and streaming information, and it’s time to just unplug and look within.”
“Bands are about these little relationships that make everything tick, and when you create new music you’re testing those relationships.”
“You have a wine tasting of different years, and we’re sort of doing that with our music, giving them a taste of what Journey used to be like.”
“I was starving before I hit Journey. Very, very rough times… I didn’t know where the next pay check was gonna come.”
“We’re a staple in the American music culture. Like us or not, we’re here to stay.”
“When you’re playing the same dirty dozen night after night, the moments that keep it fresh are those when you just let go and trust everyone.”
“You can’t make everybody happy. We just put our head down and went forward. We said, ‘This music is bigger than all of us.’ That’s how we felt. We said, ‘You know what? We’ll prevail. We’ll bet on these songs.’”
“I always felt like something bigger was waiting for me out there.”
“We’re a gumbo of American music, and aren’t ashamed to play pop or soul or rock because we all grew up on radio.”

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