Jon Polito Best Quotes

Jon Polito is an American actor and voice artist. Enjoy Jon Polito’s best quotes below.

“Acting is like a sporting match; a tennis game, but no one should win or lose. The game’s the thing!”
“You can’t act alone. Use the props, the setting, the crew around you, and of course, your fellow actors.”
“Most of my life, I feel I have been Unicycling at the Edge of the Abyss! If fact, this will be the name of my book if I ever write one, or a one man stand up routine. I have used it as the name of a collection of my musical compositions written during the ’90s. It fits the scary journey I feel I’ve been on.”
“‘Crime Story’ was where I learned that I needed to get to know every crew member: what they did and what their names were and who their families were and whatever things they would give me.”

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