Jeremy Luke Best Quotes

Jeremy Luke is an American actor, best known for his roles in Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Don Jon and as Mickey Cohen in the TNT series Mob City. Enjoy Jeremy Luke’s best quotes below.

“The definition of success to me is not necessarily a price tag, not fame, but having a good life, and being able to say I did the right thing at the end of the day.”
“A lot of people just look at acting as a quick fix – they don’t have a work ethic. This is a job; it’s not all margaritas on the beach.”
“I knew if I had to struggle, I couldn’t struggle in New York. My ego was too big for it. I couldn’t be a guy who is starving when I had a very successful business when I was young.”
“You’ve gotta play the Hollywood game, and you know you’re doing good the more notoriety you’re getting, and that’s gold. That’s what every actor wants because then you know you’re at another level.”
“All I’m going to say is that I worked with Christopher Walken the other day. I can cross him and working with Clint Eastwood off my bucket list!”
“For me, personally, I’m a 5’5″ leading man. I’m no Brad Pitt or anything.”
“I don’t mean this to sound cliche, but it’s really about the work for me. I like to keep working on things.”
“I don’t think of myself as a New York actor; I think about this guy who’s an actor who happens to be from New York.”
“In college, I would just drop out of all my classes, and I would just be left with my acting classes.”
“When I’m on set, I never really get intimidated by people.”
“I worked selling tickets for Dodger Stadium; I delivered pizza; I did every job under the sun. It’s the part that sucks as an artist. But I’ve learned at the end of the day you just have to enjoy your life.”

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