Jemima Khan Best Quotes

Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith (dʒɨˈmaɪmə; also known as Jemima Khan; born 30 January 1974) is an English journalist, heiress, and campaigner. She is an associate editor of New Statesman and European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair. Enjoy Jemima Khan’s best quotes below.

Jemima Khan
“In my experience, being busy and working hard is the key to sanity/happiness.”
“There’s a theory about fame: the moment it strikes, it arrests development. Michael Jackson remained suspended in childhood, enjoying sleepovers and funfairs; Winona Ryder, an errant teen who dabbled in shoplifting and experimented with pills; George Clooney, a 30-year-old commitment-phobe, never quite ready yet to settle down.”
“WikiLeaks exposed corruption, war crimes, torture and cover-ups. It showed that we were lied to about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; that the U.S. military had deliberately hidden information about systematic torture and civilian casualties, which were much higher than reported.”
“Accountability and democratic choice, I deeply believe, are guaranteed by rigorous scrutiny only.”
“Fame infantilises and grants relative impunity. Those that seek it, out of an exaggerated need for admiration or attention, are often the least well equipped to deal with criticism.”
“WikiLeaks exposed the most dangerous lies of all, which are those that are told to us by elected governments.”
“Arranged marriages are big business in the U.K. Second- and third-generation immigrant families, with no extended family structure, limited networks and religious restrictions on acceptable ways to meet future spouses, are turning to external matchmakers for help.”
“Marriage Asian-style is practical, contractual and, to the western mind, deeply unromantic.”
“I couldn’t define my style; that’s impossible. I like comfort and elegance with a bit of glamour thrown in. If I like something, I’ll wear it for years.”

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