Harold Perrineau Best Quotes

Harold Perrineau is an American actor, known for the roles of Michael Dawson in the U.S. television series Lost, Link in The Matrix films and games, Augustus Hill in the American television series Oz, … Enjoy Harold Perrineau’s best quotes below.

“You want to be on your toes; You don’t want to be in a Nic Cage movie and just have him blow by you as an actor.”
“The music is just so rich and part of the culture there. I suddenly felt like I needed to go on this mission to make sure we save New Orleans because – not that I can save anything – but it’s so much part of what this country is, this whole mix of people coming together and doing this thing.”
“I get to hang out with people I think are awesome, and do work I think is awesome. It’s really cool.”
“I was just mind-blown to find that New Orleans is just so much more fun and interesting than I had ever thought.”
“Before I went to New Orleans, I was a little scared of New Orleans. I don’t know why. I had only been there a few times. Something about it made me feel nervous, knowing a bit about the history.”

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