Hanneli Mustaparta Best Quotes

Hanneli Mustaparta (born in Bærum, Norway on 13 October 1982) is a photographer, fashion blogger, stylist and former model. She is the creator of fashion blog Hanneli and is a Vogue contributor. Hanneli was discovered at the age of 17 by the fashion photographer Per Heimly in 1999. Enjoy Hanneli Mustaparta’s best quotes below.

“I’m not afraid of problem-solving. There is always a way.”
“I’m self-taught and emailed photographers I knew if I had questions I couldn’t figure out from the manual or online.”
“Being behind the lens gives me a completely different perspective, and because of my blog, I get to do projects and attend shows lending me another angle.”
“I think its important to start the day with a proper breakfast.”
“I just work hard and do things as they come along. But it has been a challenge to learn that I have to say ‘no’ to things and to know how and what to prioritize.”
“Never blog just to put something out there. I would post only things that excite me.”
“I have always found photography magical, and became more taken with it whilst modeling.”
“I see the Calvin Klein girl as strong, fun, and confident.”
“I have my own voice and can focus only on that. I know what I like; I find my inspirations in so many other places than just online and bring that into my work.”

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